Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fun project at our house!

Just a cute shot of Jack to make up for the next one.

Umm, drinking and power tools is a bad idea. Seriously, look at that face?!

Daddy's (urr, umm) Ethan's new train table and train project.

Just a cool shot of the train. Somehow, our splatter kid painted walls look like a really cool backdrop!
Not much to update. Eric and I decided that our children should be exposed to saving, earning, and working on a project that takes a while. Ethan finally earned his "real" train set. It took a while, but he finally did it! We just did a simple oval for now, but more is sure to be added. He and daddy are working a little at a time to build a real beauty. Mommy is just hoping that my house won't turn into a train museum!
Jack also started a little pre-preschool program. It's just one day a week for 8 weeks. He's so cute. He's not the youngest, but he sure is the smallest. He loves it. Mister social always has a group of friends around him!

The Cutie with school bag in-hand.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Fun

Sorry I've been so slow to update the blog! It's been crazy busy here! We had a busy and fun Christmas break.
We went to Akron to ride the polar express with grandma and papa. It was a long way to the North Pole! It was a blast. The kids loved it. I kept getting a bit teary eyed because all I could think was that last year we had just received updated pictures of Jack. All last year Ethan kept saying, " next year Jack will come with us". Now here he was and he had so much fun. He loved the "choo, choo", the hot chocolate, the singing and the dancing. Nothing but smiles. It was great.
We stayed at home for Christmas Eve. We attended mass, had left over pizza, and let the kids open a couple presents from friends. The favorite was a travel Hungry Hippo game. Ethan and Cam played with it for hours. It was really fun to see them be able to play games together.
Christmas day we spent the morning opening and playing with gifts. Some favorites were: a mini air hockey table, a small remote control car, and the Star Wars movies. All 3 of my kids are watching them over and over.
My favorite part of Christmas was watching Jack. It was so cool to have a child be able to "get it" on his first Christmas. His face opening his large monster truck was so priceless. Eric will be uploading a video later. He had so much fun!
On the 27th we went to Youngstown to have Christmas with my mom and dad. We spent a week there and the kids had so much fun. My parents live in Youngstown and it snowed a ton. The kids had a ball riding with papa on the tractor and sledding. We also had our annual family New Years party. The kids had fun with all of our relatives. Meanwhile Eric went off to New Orleans for the UC game.