Monday, May 2, 2011

Breakfast on Easter

Yep, there it is...What? There's protein and dairy???

So we tried to have the kids eat some healthy food Easter morning, well we didn't try too hard...After all even I wanted candy for breakfast. We did manage some hard boiled eggs.

More Easter

Reagan enjoying her basket of bibs :)

My not so early bird, but enjoying the egg hunt

My 3 early birds!

Happy 1st Easter Reagan!

Look at that outfit!

She's so happy in her tutu

So I'm only a week or so late! Not bad .... We had an excellent Easter. We all went to church, and the children were very well behaved. Then we had an Easter egg hunt at church. After that we went to Eric's mom's for lunch and some more Easter fun! We now have enough candy to last us until Halloween.