Saturday, April 23, 2011

Reagan Updates

The motivator for all of my children for both crawling and talking. She is an awesome cat :)

There's my little sitter.

There she is, ready to move...backwards.

Reagan just had her 6 month well check. She is 15lbs 2 oz, and almost 25 inches. She is at the 10% in height, and the 10-25% in weight. Yah, she's small just like all my kids, but nice and round :)

She is now sitting on her own, and is starting to scooch around a bit. She's real good at sliding backwards. I keep finding her under my dresser! She is always happy, unless she is tired or hungry. Her brothers still adore her, especially Cam. He is amazing with "Baby Reagan" as he calls her. He insists on being the first one she sees each morning. It is really cute.

I have to say I have had so much fun having this baby around. I did not expect another baby, and I have looked at her as a bonus. I'm so much more relaxed with her and have had a blast! I also have to say having a girl is so much fun!

Our Track Star

Ethan with his ribbons from the Track Meet

Ethan is the one with the hood on and grey shirt. He's running the 75m

Ethan recently joined track at his school. They actually have a team for K-8th grade. It has been really wonderful for him. I have to say watching the meets is so funny. The first meet a little girl ran zig-zag through all the lanes, and another one stopped half way through and said, "this is too long", then another one waved to her mom half way through the race. I laughed for 3 hours! Although Ethan doesn't place super high, he does a great job running and he follows the rules. Most important he LOVES it!

Other March happenings.

What to do on one of our many rainy days...have a floor picnic

Or cuddle with 2 very cute boys.

Okay, so they might look a little alike. I wish the yellow squash on Reagan's face showed up more!

When its nice, play in the dirt with the neighbors!

Just a few pictures to enjoy.

Jack's Gotcha Day

Our new red couch photo! These are some of the kids adopted with Jack.

My cutie. Two years after being home. Isn't he amazing.

Every year around Jack's gotcha day we gather with our China family. This year we gathered in Indiana where we had a blast at a park and then on to an arcade. We always have such an amazing time with this group of people. There's a connection there that is so strong. We feel so incredibly blessed to be a part of this travel group. Everyone is amazing. The adults, the kids adopted with Jack, and all of their siblings. Can't wait to meet up again!

About Jack. I still am so amazed by the progress he has made. When we got him he was 30 inches and 16lbs. He could not walk well, he uttered no words, had not eaten solid foods, had a hole in his mouth, and wore a size 3 shoe! Now he is 28lbs, 37 inches, wears a size 7 shoe, has amazing gross motor skills, has tested out of speech, and has more drama and personality than any of us could ever imagine! Not to mention the incredible amounts of food he still consumes! So amazing!

Happy Gotcha Day Baby!!!

Umm, a bit of catching up!

Green pancakes with shamrocks on them.

My little Irish Cutie!

SO Happy St. Patrick's Day about a month late :) We've been a little busy around here, but I didn't want you to think we completely left! Everything is going well. I'm just trying my best to have fun with all the little ones. Not much free time, but that's okay because these days already fly by so fast! I cannot believe it is already the end of April!