Saturday, April 23, 2011

Reagan Updates

The motivator for all of my children for both crawling and talking. She is an awesome cat :)

There's my little sitter.

There she is, ready to move...backwards.

Reagan just had her 6 month well check. She is 15lbs 2 oz, and almost 25 inches. She is at the 10% in height, and the 10-25% in weight. Yah, she's small just like all my kids, but nice and round :)

She is now sitting on her own, and is starting to scooch around a bit. She's real good at sliding backwards. I keep finding her under my dresser! She is always happy, unless she is tired or hungry. Her brothers still adore her, especially Cam. He is amazing with "Baby Reagan" as he calls her. He insists on being the first one she sees each morning. It is really cute.

I have to say I have had so much fun having this baby around. I did not expect another baby, and I have looked at her as a bonus. I'm so much more relaxed with her and have had a blast! I also have to say having a girl is so much fun!

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