Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gotcha Day Gathering

Jack head first on the slide!

The awesome cupcake cake (Thanks Felicia and Matt)

Most of the crew and some siblings!
Last weekend many people from our travel group joined us in the Nati to help celebrate our 1 year gotcha day. We started out Friday with dinner at Blue Goose. On Saturday we went to Larosa's and had pizza and cake. Then off to Sharon Woods for a day of fun.
It was so nice to see everyone and to see how much the kids have grown and changed. They are all so amazing. We feel so blessed to have such a great group of people to call our China family. I'm still in awe of how much that journey changed me as a person. I would not trade it for the world.
Thanks so much to all that helped plan, all that traveled, and everyone for making an effort to gather. We cannot wait until July to see everyone again!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Gotcha Day Baby!


Gotcha Day
I can't believe it's been one year since we received Jack! It has flown bye. As I'm writing this the emotions of that day come flooding back. There is nothing that can prepare you for that day. I remember not sleeping the night before imagining what it would be like. When the day finally arrived we waited not so patiently all morning. Then we were taken to a building and placed in a room with equally nervous strangers awaiting their sons and daughters. Suddenly the room was chaos. Babies being placed in arms and crying and well just chaos.

They handed Jack to Eric, I think I was too stunned to comprehend what all was going on. As Eric placed him in my arms it was just soo weird. I just stared at him. This little guy who looked nothing like us, who was just a stranger. For about 5 minutes that's what it felt like. I just remember looking at his way too skinny body, his scarred lip, brittle hair, too big pink pants, and striped blue top, and too small little sandals, and thinking really this is my son. Then a few minutes later it was like yah this is my son. It's been that way ever since.

I still am not sure why God put our son in China, but there is where he was. He has been nothing but amazing. He went from not really being able to walk to running, jumping, rolling, diving, and everything else. We thought for sure speech would be a huge issue, but he's talking. We may still need speech, but boy have we seen progress. He's an amazing kid and we feel so blessed to be his parents. We also feel incredibly blessed to be some of the few people who get to experience adoption. It so changed my perspective on life..really. It taught me such a lesson in patience, and faith.

We are so looking forward to meeting up with some of our travel group this weekend. I'm so grateful that we have been able to stay in touch with some of the people who had this experience with us. How amazing a journey it has been!

Can't wait to see what God has in store next. You never know..really you never know.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Welcome Spring!

My sweet boy. I just love this picture!

The other morning Ethan went into Jack's room, and all I heard was "book". When I walked in Ethan was reading Jack his favorite books. So cute!

Ethan arranging beer caps at the beer tap.

What they don't know is that their wedding plans are already made.

The three boys had a great time at the zoo!

So finally some spring weather! We spent the whole weekend playing outside. It was great. Our neighbor's decided it was time for a pretend it's spring cook out. The kids had a great time and so did the adults.

Then on Sunday we made a trip to the zoo. The kids had a great time. Jack loved it! He pointed at the tigers said, "come here", and then "meow". Umm, maybe he didn't notice their size! Ethan and Cam cracked up!