Sunday, February 27, 2011

Naked Baby Pictures

Cutest bottom around!

Insert foot in mouth.
Okay I couldn't resist. Who doesn't love a naked baby :) Reagan's 4 month stats are : 13 lbs, 3 oz. 24 inches long. She is at the 25-50% in both. She

is now beginning to eat foods. She likes barley cereal, sweet potatoes and carrots. We get to start some fruit this week!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Reagan liked hers too!

Happy Valentines!

My cuties on their pillow pets

So for Valentines this year we had a special hunt planned for the kids. They followed a trail of heart candies to their prize. Their prize was pillow pets, and they were a huge hit :) We also had pink hear shaped pancakes for breakfast, and a heart shaped pizza for dinner. It really was a fun day.

Everyone's birthday

In China it is a tradition to celebrate every one's birthday 7 days after the New Year. We thought we would do just that. We even found a bright cake like the ones in China (manager's special no less). I can't imagine why :) We sang happy birthday to everyone and blew out the candle. The kids had lots of fun with it!

House of Yick

So everyone in our house looked like this for the first 2 weeks of February. We had colds, coughs, stomach stuff, ear infections. You name it! Good times, good times. Luckily everyone is better now. I hope it stays that way.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy 4 months Reagan!

Reagan's first bite of food.

Daddy with sleeping baby

Cam's favorite sister.

I get food "yay"

I cannot believe Reagan is 4 months old. Time is flying! She is doing just great. She can roll from front to back and back to front. She pushes up on her arms, she smiles and laughs, she sits with support, and babbles. She is waking up once during the night to eat, and takes one long nap and one short nap during the day. On the Chinese New Year she had her first bites of food. Rice cereal, which we deemed very appropriate for the day. She wasn't so sure about it at first, but she got the hang of it after a few tries.

Chinese New Year

This year we had a fun family Chinese New Year! We started the morning with breakfast rabbits because it is the year of the rabbit. Later in the day we gave the children envelopes to decorate in red (for luck). They then had a coin hunt to fill their envelopes. Usually in China children are given red envelopes with coins to mean good fortune. After that we had Chinese for dinner and decorated Almond cookies for dessert. We had noodles for longevity and dumplings for wealth. We capped the night of with party blowers, chocolate coins, and glow sticks. It really was fun. Unfortunately Jack was still a bit under the weather.

Fabulous February!

Us eating groundhogs by candle light.
These are our groundhog heads (donut holes) popping out of there holes (donuts)

We made groundhog masks.

Ethan had his hundredth day of School. This was breakfast, and the pretzel and cookies were snack.

So truth be told I hate the month of February. I always say it's the longest short month ever. I'm ready for spring, but clearly it's not here yet. So this February we decided to celebrate every holiday. This week started off with Ethan's 100 days at school. Then came Ground hog's day. On Ground hog's day we woke up to no electricity. Brr it was cold! So we started the day with our special donuts by candle light. Cam came down and exclaimed "This is the perfect day!" We made shadows since we had no lights. All in all it was pretty fun, until Jack came down and threw up...Oh well. At least two of the kids enjoyed it.