Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What to do during those winter months?

Grow up before mommy's eyes. Laugh and smile lots.

Take out every car in the house and play demolition derby, or race, or obstacle course.

Love on your siblings

Make cookies with way too many sprinkles, then eat them!

Take a nap with daddy. Could they look anymore alike?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A couple of Reagan pix

She's a happy baby!

Cousin Robbie feeding her

Did I mention she loves to be naked?

Reagan is doing great. She has hit 3 months and is just a happy baby. She still wakes up once at night to eat, but she goes right back down. She loves her bottle, loves baths, and loves to watch her mobile. I must say she is soo fun to dress :) We think she is about 12 lbs now. We go to the doctor in two weeks, so we'll see.

New Years

Ethan and Angie playing at my parent's house during our annual party!

New Years at Grandma and Papa's. Cam with Gia his favorite cousin!
Every January I start to get excited to start another year. A new beginning, a chance to clean out the old. A new start and when needed a goodbye to anything tough from the year before. That also means cleaning out the house. A process I quite enjoy. Well, that's been kind of hard with so many helping hands. I guess it will be a prolonged process!

This January I decided to take sometime to count my blessings instead. What a good year we've had. Though 2010 was an economically challenging year for all of us. We've been blessed with a home and food. We've been blessed with health and happiness. We have been blessed with good family and friends. As a mom I feel especially blessed. I look at my kids and am amazed with each of them. Ethan has grown into such a nice kid. I'm so impressed with what Kindergarten has done for him. He is so kind and sweet and I'm so proud of him. Cam has learned to wait his turn and share. He is so loving towards his sister. Jack is talking up a storm and really doesn't need speech anymore. He has come so far he is such a gift to us all. Not to mention we added Reagan to our crazy bunch. Through a tough pregnancy and a scary beginning she has done just great. We are so blessed and I can only hope next year blesses our family too. I will remember 2010 in fondness and look forward to all 2011 brings.


This Year Christmas was awesome! All 3 of the boys were really into it! Cam was so excited I thought his head might explode. Jack loved his Mickey stuffed animal and light up shoes. Ethan got a cool circuit set, some Star Wars toys, and a kid lap top computer that he loves! Christmas was awesome for mommy and daddy too. I think Reagan slept through most of it, making it even better :)