Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jack's latest update

Cam in his big boy bed!

Jack riding the pony at our pumpkin patch festival. He loved it so much and really, really didn't want to get off!
Just a quick post to update on some good news at the Caton house. Jack had his 6 month IA doctor visit. He is officially 22 lbs, 32 inches, and his head has grown. His head size is now on a US chart. His weight and height are very close to being the 3rd percentile! He also scored about on level for all areaes. His fine motor was his strongest and his speech the weakest, but he was within a couple months of his age on everything! He has been officially cleared from the IA department. Yay, one less doctor visit.

Cam actually slept all night in his big boy bed! I thought for sure he would be at least 10 before he would do it, but last night we stuck some rails up and bribed him with an extra story and he did it!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy 6 months Jack!

Moon fest train ride. A favorite of Ethan and Jack's!

Jack now!

One of the first pictures we got 11 months ago.
I cannot believe it, but Jack has been home 6 months. It seems like he's always been a part of us, yet time has gone by so quickly. He has grown and changed so much. When we got him he was 29 inches and 17lbs. He wore a size 3 shoe. Oh and he had a giant hole in his mouth. He had 8 teeth and hardly any hair. He could walk about 8 steps before he fell, and he had no words. Now he is over 31 inches tall, weighs almost 22 lbs, has all his teeth and wears a size 5 shoe. He is minus a hole (the one that shouldn't have been there). He can walk, run, jump, hang, do forward rolls, walk backwards and balance on one foot. He says quite a few words (in Jack speak). His newest phrase is, "I want it". As you can see he is fitting in just fine:) He is smiley and laughy and is a lot of fun! Happy 6 months baby!

We also visited a FCC Moon festival this weekend. The Moon Festival is a big Chinese holiday that is celebrated on the night where the moon should be its brightest. Ironically we couldn't see the moon at all! It is much like a harvest festival and is celebrated with food dancing and folk stories or legends. They serve traditional moon cakes which sort of taste like pies with many different types of fillings. While at the festival we met up with 3 other families that we traveled with to China. It was wonderful to see everyone again and to see how great all the kids are doing!

I will be adding more pix later, but I am having trouble getting them off of Eric's phone right now. They're lost in cyber world!