Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jack's latest update

Cam in his big boy bed!

Jack riding the pony at our pumpkin patch festival. He loved it so much and really, really didn't want to get off!
Just a quick post to update on some good news at the Caton house. Jack had his 6 month IA doctor visit. He is officially 22 lbs, 32 inches, and his head has grown. His head size is now on a US chart. His weight and height are very close to being the 3rd percentile! He also scored about on level for all areaes. His fine motor was his strongest and his speech the weakest, but he was within a couple months of his age on everything! He has been officially cleared from the IA department. Yay, one less doctor visit.

Cam actually slept all night in his big boy bed! I thought for sure he would be at least 10 before he would do it, but last night we stuck some rails up and bribed him with an extra story and he did it!


Jon and Debbie said...

That is fantastic! What a big boy! We have yet to go to our 6 month post visit which was cancelled by Dr. Staat - we don't go until right before Christmas.

Heather said...

Yay!! He's doing sooo well!!