Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Ethan's soccer season is over. He received his first trophy and was very proud!

So, why are our pumpkins all mushy by Halloween???

Jack fell asleep on our bed at 10:30 am. Hmm maybe you shouldn't have gotten up at 5:30!
All three of their first Halloween's! One from China, one from, Vietnam, one from Russia, and yes we all live next to each other!

Jack got up early on Halloween morning. He was completely crazy all day!

Ethan on his farm field trip! It was nice and muddy.

Halloween was fun as usual. Jack got up at 5:30 am. He was so crazy. It was like he knew all long. We started the evening off with our neighbor's and our traditional Chili meal (thanks Jim). Then the dad's took all the kids trick or treating and the ladies gave out candy and drank too much wine (well at least I did!) Jack did really well and signed thank you almost every time. Cam was an expert! He could have gone all night. Once he got back he wanted to try each candy taking a bite and returning it to his bucket. Ethan was so tired, but did pretty good once he warmed up. I can't believe Halloween has already come and gone. It's my favorite holiday, so I'm a little sad, but at least I have lots of candy!

Other News:
Cam is indeed sleeping in his bed, the crib is officially gone! He loves his new big boy room! Cam is also using the potty as long as he is naked. However, once underwear is added we have lots of accidents. Anyone have suggestions for this??? I'm pretty sure we can't leave the house naked! I cannot believe my little boy is growing up! When did that happen?

Looking forward to a great November!

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