Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cam is growing up!

Cam's first day of school

Cam the ham!

In the last few weeks my baby Cam has decided to grow up. He is sleeping in his big boy bed. Even better he's potty trained! He was so easy. A couple of days and he was finished with diapers. We are so proud of him. He is so proud of himself and it's so cute!
So with that said I'm going to rant a little. We were having some childcare issues. My children go to childcare where I work (which has always been a blessing). Recently, every time I picked up Cam we had reports of him fighting with his brother ect. ect. I then realized that because Jack often screams (for nothing) they assumed Cam did something...Sometimes true sometimes not. I also realized that they weren't really doing much but letting them free play for 4 hours. This would be fine once a week, but four times a week was not working for Cam. I realized he wants to be a big boy. We found a nice little school called Sally's that was willing to take him in their 3 year old program. He loves it, now he only has 2 days of childcare and all is well!
I really cannot believe that Cam is 3! Where does time go? I have to say I'm a little sad. After all, this is the baby I almost lost. This is the child I prayed so hard that it hurt. This is the baby that changed my perspective and direction. He is part of the reason we have Jack. He means more to us than one could ever know. This is the baby I rocked to sleep every night of his first 2 years. Every morning I have gotten Cam carried him down stairs and plopped him on my lap with his cup of milk. I went to get him out of bed, after the first night his new bed, and he said, "I'll do it myself mommy". I almost cried. Thank goodness he bounded from his room with a giant smile and hug. I guess I have to accept the fact that he's growing up.


Heather said...

What a sweetie!!! It has gone by so fast....

The Mom said...

Awww. Don't you love/hate those moments that are heart-wrenching but make you so proud!

Ahh, parenthood! 8 )