Monday, November 30, 2009

A Year Ago

Do you remember what you were doing a year ago? I sure do. We were trying desperately to figure out which direction God wanted us to go in order to expand our family. We had adoptions running in both Kaz and NSN China. Just when we were starting to get really frustrated God made it very clear that we were supposed to be adopting from SN China. Between hitting walls with our Kaz adoption, an interesting church sermon, and our own hearts we knew what we needed to do. After putting our paper work into the China SN we received a referral in one day.

A year ago we were staring at a picture of our little boy. We were frantically calling IA doctors and filling out papers. We were running around like maniacs. It was one of the best days of our lives. We were in complete awe of the process that brought us to our little boy. He was just the right one and we knew it! A year ago was when I fell in love with my son.

A year later I cannot believe we ever didn't have him. He has fit in and amazed us in every way. His smile lights up a room, and he can charm just about everyone. Even the tough nosed doctors have a tough time keeping a straight face with him around. All I can say is God sure knew what was best. I cannot even imagine life without his smile, his charming eyes, his funny tantrums, and mostly his "I wuv you".

I am so thankful that I have had the experience of adoption. I'm so thankful for this wonderful spirit that has been put in my house. There are no words to define the feelings we have been allowed to embrace over this past year. There is no way for me to even explain the amount of gratitude that I have for being allowed to be Jack's mom. One year later life is grand.

I wonder what I'll be doing next year at this time?


Jon and Debbie said...

How beautiful! Ok...I admit I am a bit teary eyed reading your post! I so understand the fury of referal day!

Rusti and Kevin "Snuffy" said...

Beautiful post!!! It is so hard to imagine how one year can change the lives of so many wonderful people.

Heather said...

What a difference a year makes. It has gone by so quickly, I think.

Referral day is such a happy blur, isn't it? Lives changed forever.