Monday, November 30, 2009


This is Jack wearing his new favorite hat. My cousin works for the Yankees, so I'm sure he'll be happy!
Eric and I went to the outlets in PA Thursday at midnight. This was the line to get ono the bus to be transported from the far away parking lot. It was crazy! We really didn't need to shop just wanted to see what it was like. We had a ball. Everyone was really nice and having a good time.

Cam and Ethan happily sitting on Sayde's lap.
This year for Thanksgiving we went to Youngstown to visit Grandma and Papa, Great Grandma, some cousins, and a Great Aunt and Uncle. The kids had a wonderful time and it was nice to see everyone. Ethan loved Sayde (my cousin). He is still talking about her. She must be pretty special because he is pretty picky. He spent most of Thanksgiving playing with her and kept her very busy :)

A few things we are Thankful for:

  • Good friends that are always around when we need them

  • Awesome neighbors that we can count on

  • Health

  • Family that loves us and our children no matter what

  • Love

  • Perspective

  • God

  • A House

  • Food

  • Medical care

  • Our children

  • Life

  • There is so much more.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Let us remember to be thankful always.

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Heather said...

Adorable pictures!! We are thankful for wonderful neighbors and friends, too.

The outlet malls look hilarious!