Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cam's Birthday Party and a Weekend at Grandma and Papa's

Jack is ready to drive the hayride!

Cam at his party! My happy little man.

Everyone on a hayride!

The boys feeding the fish with grandma and papa

Last weekend we celebrated Cam's birthday. We turned our backyard into a minature farm. We had a bonfire where we cooked our own hotdogs and smores too. Thanks to our awesome neighbor's we had a hay ride (4 wheeler with a nice hitch). We also had pinata's, glowsticks, and fun in the dark. It really was a lot of fun. Cam seemed to really enjoy himself.

This week my wonderful (really wonderful) parents took all 3 of the boys for a long weekend. Eric and I got so much done!! We put up our closet doors, changed our blinds, raised our coat hooks, built steps, stuccoed (sp?) our old garage wall, washed the van, cleaned the entire house, organzed our office, redid our files, cleaned out the tool room, slept, and went out to dinner. I'm pretty sure we could have knocked down our whole house and rebuilt it! Amazing how much you can finish without three little helpers! Meanwhile the boys visited a Christmas 'store and fed some fish at a park in Youngstown.

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Rusti and Kevin "Snuffy" said...

We had Emily's b-day party on the 15th also!!! Happy Birthday Cam. The boys look so great. I think I am going to need to talk to Snuffy about his paretns watching the girls so we can "overhaul" our house. What a great idea to get all that stu done without all those little helpful hands in the middle.