Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Baby Stuff

So after finding out it was a girl I did have to have a little fun. We did fine a replacement for the airplane themed bedroom. I also had to buy one little girl outfit. I have a grandmother or two that I thought might be interested in these!

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Weekend

Parade time!

Children with fire!

Our Float

A Festival

Jack riding the rides

I have to say the 4th has always been a sort of blah holiday for me. I don't know we always have a good time, but it just wasn't a real big thing. The last 2 years have been a bit different. I appreciate our country more now that we have Jack. I realize how lucky we are to live in a country that I could bring Jack here and let him have all the medical attention that he needs.

In China many people were shocked that we were willing to take a cleft baby. They weren't being cruel or mean or anything like that, it just wasn't understood. Their country did not afford them the opportunity to have the medical services we have. So many children die of starvation for a correctable condition. I feel very blessed that we have those opportunities here. I know the US is far from perfect, but I also know that my little boy will be able to attain his potential here.

As I spent the 4th with our close friends that have a little boy with special needs, a little girl from Vietnam, and their oldest daughter, plus our 3 children (2 of which would not have survived in many countries) I could not help but feel blessed. I hope everyone had a great holiday!

Visit to Grandma's

Last week we spent several days at Grandma's and Papa's. We had a lot of fun! The kids went to Chuckie Cheese for Jack's actual birthday, we fed some fish, met up with some friends at McDonald's Playland, played at the mall, and went to a graduation party. The kids had a blast!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Celebrate the Day

As I sat in the car after my appointment waiting for Eric I was on top of the world. We saw awesome pictures and movie of our little girl. I was so excited about having a new baby. One that I figured I'd never have and a girl to top it off. So much decorating shopping fun, fun, fun.

As I was sitting there another couple came out. Obviously their news not so good. In that moment all I could think was I'm so sorry. We've totally been there. It's not a fun place to be. I just wanted to go hug the lady and say it will be okay, but I knew it didn't feel that way. I wanted her to know that it's all part of the journey that brings you to where you're supposed to be, but I knew that was no consolation. Without our hard times our loses we would have never been brought to Jack, nor would we be having this baby. As I sat there I remembered standing in that same position. The one where your excitement and dreams almost come to a crashing halt, but they don't they just change. I shed a tear for them and said a prayer knowing that as my day started off as awesome as it could, theirs would be a day of grief.

I also reminded myself to take the time to enjoy our celebration, because every day is not so grand. However, I also understand that everyday is the way it is supposed to be and will take me to the right place. I pray that couple will find that peace.

Friday, July 2, 2010

There's no stem on the apple!!

The Caton tradition is broken it's a GIRL!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jack updates!

Jack's birthday cake made by daddy! Mickey is his favorite.

Jack's birthday party in the backyard.

Jack wearing underwear.

Jack in his big boy bed.

As you can see Jack has had a very productive month. He has moved into Cam's old room and is sleeping in his big boy bed. He is now potty trained. He was sooo easy! Wave an M&M and he was running for the potty. He also turned 3. We had a great birthday party with a Mickey mouse theme. He was so excited and ran around singing happy birthday to Jack. His whole face lit up when all the attention was on him.
We also had his speech re-evaluated, which went well. His articulation is good for his age and he has no air coming out from his nose (which is awesome for a cleft kid). This means he will only need one more surgery when he is about 7 to close the gum line! Awesome news for us. He is a little behind in sentence structure, which we knew. He will start group therapy sometime this summer. We are so amazed at his progress.