Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jack updates!

Jack's birthday cake made by daddy! Mickey is his favorite.

Jack's birthday party in the backyard.

Jack wearing underwear.

Jack in his big boy bed.

As you can see Jack has had a very productive month. He has moved into Cam's old room and is sleeping in his big boy bed. He is now potty trained. He was sooo easy! Wave an M&M and he was running for the potty. He also turned 3. We had a great birthday party with a Mickey mouse theme. He was so excited and ran around singing happy birthday to Jack. His whole face lit up when all the attention was on him.
We also had his speech re-evaluated, which went well. His articulation is good for his age and he has no air coming out from his nose (which is awesome for a cleft kid). This means he will only need one more surgery when he is about 7 to close the gum line! Awesome news for us. He is a little behind in sentence structure, which we knew. He will start group therapy sometime this summer. We are so amazed at his progress.

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