Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cam's Birthday

Cam loving his sister. His sister eating his nose.

The 3 boys

Eric's creation

Pizza and friends

Riding a train..

Due to our vacation and some scheduling issues we did Cam's 4th birthday party a little early. The party was at Entertrainment Junction, and the kids had a blast. I cannot believe Cammy, my little Cammy is almost 4! Where does the time go. He's a great kid. Always making us laugh and so full of energy. His new moves are some strange round-off thing he does while Power Ranger fighting with his brothers and a running headstand onto the couch. I must also add that he is always the "pink" Power Ranger...sigh, some things just don't change. I also have to say that watching him with his baby sister is so much fun. He could not love her any more. They are so cute together.


I've heard of the "Grouchy Ladybug" how about the grouchy flower???? Reagan was not so into Halloween this year, but she did a good job of crying to scare those teenage girl trick or treaters out of having babies!

Jack as Thomas. He did a little trick or treating, then decided riding with the beer was better.

Ethan as Lightening McQueen for the 3rd year in a row. Well, at least he's economical.

Sorry sideways again, but here's Cam as Mickey Mouse. He was an expert trick or treater, keeping up with all the 7 year olds! He likes his candy.

We had a great Halloween. We celebrated with our neighbor's in our usual fashion. Starting with Jim's Chili, then the men and their wagon's of beer...I mean kids...head out to trick or treat. The women stay back to "pass out candy" drink hot cider and rum... You get the picture.

Reagan's Baptism

I have no idea how to rotate this pic...sorry, but it's my fav of Reagan.

Umm is this what your supposed to do in church? Great grandma, what are you teaching Jack???

All the Caton kids in one picture. Pretty sure it's the only one in existence.

Eric's cake creation!

We had an absolutely beautiful day for the baptism. Reagan slept through the whole thing and the day went off without a hitch. It was very special to have our friends and family there with us.

Random Reagan Pictures

Jack and his sister. He actually seems to like her.

Her first bath...Looks a lot like Jack's!

1 week

This is how Reagan did her pumpkin carving

Happy 1 month! The time is flying!

Field Trips

Some of Ethan's class at the farm.

Ethan's best buddy from school

So 3 year old classes don't stay still for pictures.

Cam's pumpkin

Ethan and Cam both took field trips to different farms. Daddy was "lucky" enough to go on both trips. Here are some cute shots.

October Updates/ Randome Cuteness

Daddy's girl

A rare find...3 smiling boys in a picture

Kindred spirits

So I have a few posts to catch up on! We have been crazy around here. Along with a new baby we've had school, field trips, a baptism, Halloween, and a birthday! Phew, I'm happy to say we have a small break now. Actually, my wonderful husband planned a wonderful small vacation for next week! What an awesome 10th anniversary gift. I can't wait. We haven't had an alone vacation since before Ethan was born. So looking forward to it!