Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cam's Birthday

Cam loving his sister. His sister eating his nose.

The 3 boys

Eric's creation

Pizza and friends

Riding a train..

Due to our vacation and some scheduling issues we did Cam's 4th birthday party a little early. The party was at Entertrainment Junction, and the kids had a blast. I cannot believe Cammy, my little Cammy is almost 4! Where does the time go. He's a great kid. Always making us laugh and so full of energy. His new moves are some strange round-off thing he does while Power Ranger fighting with his brothers and a running headstand onto the couch. I must also add that he is always the "pink" Power Ranger...sigh, some things just don't change. I also have to say that watching him with his baby sister is so much fun. He could not love her any more. They are so cute together.

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