Sunday, July 26, 2009

Surgery is drawing near.

Notice all the people staring at us. They act like it's a circus act:) 3 boys under 4 at dinner is pretty interesting!

Jack's ready for cheerleading!

I thought these were to wash the sand off of our feet. Here they were baby pools...Who knew???

I added a few more vacation pix.
Not much to report this week. We basically hung out at home and had a good time. It was a very wet week, so we had lots of time to play with toys and run around the house. Jack is doing amazing. He has really caught up in everything. He is running and jumping and climbing. He totally wowed his tumbling teachers as he hung from the bar and touched his legs to the bar. He is so happy and healthy. He has started to put two words togather and acts so 2! He and Cam are really acting a like! They don't look the same age, but they act it!

We had family night last night which consisted of watching wipe out, car races, running around in the dark, and Jack tring to push the other two down with his feet...don't ask it's a boy thing. I often wonder what family night would be like with girls??? I probably will never know.

This Thursday Jack will have his cleft surgery. I am glad he's getting it done, but a little sad too. He is doing so awesome I just hope it doesn't cause too many set backs. He is also having a lip and nose revision. I'm a little sad his face will be different. I love it just the way it is. I know it's better in the long run, but it's just perfect to me. We are asking for prayers for a successful surgery and a not too awful recovery. Our poor little guy will be in arm splints for 3 weeks. He will only be allowed mushy food for 6 weeks. It's a long haul. Pray for his health and our sanity.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Folly Beach & FTIA reunion picnic

Cam & Ethan manning the guns on the USS Yorktown

Cam the "gator whisperer"

We made Ethan stop at six walk-throughs of the train at the FTIA picnic - if not we'd probably be on walk-through 5,348 right now.

The best China travel group there is.

Cam, Jack, and John (from our travel group) sharing mini M&M's.

We spent last week at Folley Beach S.C., and then finished the week off in Indiana with a picnic for our adoption agency. It was a fun filled, but very tiring week.
Highlights of the vacation:
1. Ethan and Cam trying to share a bed in our hotel room. Quotes we heard: "I need some covers", "Where's my goggy?", "Stop tickling me", Giggling, giggling, giggling...not sleeping ect. ect. Needless to say Cam ended up in our bed.
2. The beach..All 3 boys loved it.
3. The ocean, or as Jack says "OOOO n". All three boys actually got in.
4. Crab hunting. Oh my this was a sight. The boys so loved it and wanted to do it every night. Cam was like a wild man running after crabs and grabbing them with his hands. He's either going to be a vet or an exterminator. It's a close call.
5. Starfish recovery. My boys thought that by finding the starfish and chucking them back into the ocean they were surely saving their lives.
6. Riding on the boat. We got to travel a swampy area by boat while seeing alligators and other critters.
7. Touring the USS Yorktown boat.
8. Boogie bording with Uncle Scotty. Ethan had a blast!
Thanks mom and dad for bringing us on vacation, because you know we're swimming in the money right now... Ah, but we're rich in love...right???
FTIA reunion:
After coming home Friday night we hopped in the car and traveled to Indiana to see some of the families we traveled with. We were tired, but it was great to see everyone. I cannot believe how great all the kids are doing. It was so nice to see them all running, playing, talking. It is such a blessing to have met all of them. Can't wait to meet again!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Just another week!

What blue cupcake??

This was our parade float. A wagon tied to a cozy coupe car. (very official)

Decorating for the College Hill 4th of July parade.

Cam giving Jack a hug, Jack not so much feeling it.

Look, look all 3 kids in one picture!!! It's a miracle.

This was a rather slow relaxing week. It was nice after the crazy one the week before. We mostly just hung out at home and played outside. The 4th was very wet, so we went to our traditional College Hill Parade. We have never missed one. We go rain or shine. However, after that we stayed inside. We actually ordered Chinese. Yah, that's right on the fourth of July we had Chinese food. I know strange, but we felt like it, and the Chinese place sure wasn't busy!

A couple of good Cam quotes:

Wanting gold fish crackers he asked for: "Fish Golds"

On Jack's birthday we got this little music toy that kind of is like a DJ set. "It has Hoop there it is", and other songs. Well, it sort of sounds like poop. So Cam was singing poop there it is, then if you hit a button it says "hoop, hoop, hoop" to which Cam responded "that's a lot of poop". I was laughing too hard to even try to correct him.

Cam is certainly my most volitile child. The mood swinger, can throw tantrums ect. However, he is also the funniest. He makes me laugh every day.

I probably will not blog next week because we will be in SC for vacation. We can't wait. Well, except for the 11 hour drive...ugh. On the way back from the vacation we will be stopping at the FTIA picnic. We can't wait to see the people we traveled with to get Jack!