Saturday, May 29, 2010

The ultrasound

So last Thursday we had our first ultra sound. I'm so happy to report that everything looked great. The baby has all its parts is measuring nicely, and was moving all over the place. Always an awesome feeling to see the baby! We were hoping to find out the sex, but no such luck! The baby had other plans and stuck the umbilical cord right between it's legs!!! Eric and I don't mind too much, but we do have some anxious grandparents! We haven't decided whether we're going to choke up the money for a 3D ultra sound, or just go for the surprise. Soo we may have a girl with a very boy room for a bit!!! Oh well, surprises are nice too...especially good ones.

We ask for continued prayers that this baby has a nice high platelet count. As I said we really won't know until birth. So far I'm feeling much better and hoping this is a good sign! Only 19 weeks to go...not that I'm counting!

I would post some ultrasound pics, but their really not that great because the baby was moving everywhere. I would have to label them for anyone to figure them out!

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