Thursday, May 27, 2010

Keeping Up

So, what can I say I've kind of fallen behind on the blogging. I was so busy the last couple of months and well exhausted, so some things fell on the back burner. As I near the end of my teaching year I feel that I should have more time to do some catching up!

About a week ago Ethan turned 5! I cannot believe that he is finished with pre-school. Next year he will be starting Kindergarten. He is so excited, and actually so am I. Sometimes a new chapter is such a good thing. I know lots of parents are sad about their kids going to school, but Ethan has always liked growing up. It's hard for me to be sad, because he is so happy about this next step. I enjoy watching Ethan grow into each new stage...well, at least most of them. He has never enjoyed being the baby and would prefer to be considered a big kid. This is always present in his actions towards his brothers. They have no idea how good they've got it :)

For his party we went to the same inflatable place as last year. He also continued with his Lightening McQueen cakes (this time daddy had to make dirt track Lightening McQueen). So he's a bit predictable. We had a great time with friends and family.

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