Sunday, December 13, 2009

December Happenings

My three little snuggle bugs!

Eric and I stayed up late to decorate these cookies. We will be individually bagging them to use for teacher/coaches/daycare worker/friend gifts.

Jack and Cam "helping" daddy decorate the outside. Somehow that involved sword fighting with giant candy canes, and using the giant bulbs as balls.

Jack with his Mickey ornament. He is really good at taking the ornaments off the tree. Putting them on...well. You will also notice he has no pants on. As I look through my pictures I realize that in most of them someone is missing their pants. Hmm, maybe we should work on that.

Jack in his first snow. He stood there for 5 minutes (perfectly still) Then cried and wanted to go in. Ahh, he is my son! If it wasn't socially inappropriate I would cry whenever I had to go out in the cold! On the other hand Ethan and Cam played outside as long as I would let them. Jack and I watched from the window...perfect :)
Not much to say, just a busy week of Christmas preparations! Enjoy the pictures.

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Rusti and Kevin "Snuffy" said...

Jack looks so good. He looks like he has gained some weight too. We have not had enough snow here for Emily to really "wow" over yet. But I do know-she hates the cold weather-she tightens up whenever we go outside. She will learn soon that she now lives in the frigid snow belt instead of the hot tropical southern part of China.