Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fabulous February!

Us eating groundhogs by candle light.
These are our groundhog heads (donut holes) popping out of there holes (donuts)

We made groundhog masks.

Ethan had his hundredth day of School. This was breakfast, and the pretzel and cookies were snack.

So truth be told I hate the month of February. I always say it's the longest short month ever. I'm ready for spring, but clearly it's not here yet. So this February we decided to celebrate every holiday. This week started off with Ethan's 100 days at school. Then came Ground hog's day. On Ground hog's day we woke up to no electricity. Brr it was cold! So we started the day with our special donuts by candle light. Cam came down and exclaimed "This is the perfect day!" We made shadows since we had no lights. All in all it was pretty fun, until Jack came down and threw up...Oh well. At least two of the kids enjoyed it.

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