Monday, June 29, 2009

Turnin' 2 & Joining the Church

Ethan doing his own thing on the alter

Jack being thrown by grandma.

All the kids playing with the very cool bubble train given by Nonna.

Jack eating fruit

Jack wearing the number 2 shirt for his second birthday. By the way that was not done on purpose. Eric realized it after the fact and was like that was a cute idea. I was like yeah...I had no idea.

Sorry for the delay in blogging. Our internet was down then we made a trip to Youngstown to visit grandma and papa.
We've had a busy two weeks.
1. Jack had tubes put in his ears...Yay! He's doing wonderful. Except now he has 4 teeth coming in. By the time that's over he'll be ready for cleft surgery.
2. After tubes Jack learned how to say grandma (andma), come here, slide (ide), flower (ower), okay so you have to understand Jack, but he's getting the idea.
3. Highlights from grandma's:
  • children's museum
  • Wagon Trails: Very cool tractor ride with lots of animals that you can feed. Jack was a bit concerned about all the animals being so close especially the water buffelo.
  • Dinner out
  • Riding papa's tractor
  • Playing with the lionel trains: Jack loved being the tunnel. Everytime the train went through he said "ooo" His wow.
  • Playing in the pond
  • Watching the thunderstorm on the porch, with flashlights.

Thanks mom and dad for a great week. The kids had a ball!

4. Jack's 2nd birthday:

We had a birthday party in the backyard. Full of grilled foods, family, friends and fun. Jack loved the ice cream cake. He had no idea what was going on, but after opening one or two gifts he got the idea. He kept saying OOO. Later in the evening the kids watched a movie we projected up on the garage. We let them stay up late. Mine had a ball catching lightening bugs. Ethan called them butterflies and Cam called them bees. Our little neighbor kept explaining that they were lightening bugs. At one point she stood on a chair and said those are not bees, butterflies, beetles, or flies...They are lightening bugs. To which Cam said Yah...I'm catching bees. Fun was had by all.

5. Jack's Baptism: On Sunday Jack was baptised into our church. He did very well and didn't cry even when he got water poured on his head. In fact he wanted to play in it. I brought Ethan up with us. He's usually very quiet and shy. He was dancing on the alter. Then when they lit the candle he said "yah" nice and loud. Cam from the front pew said, "I want the candle"...Sigh. Thank God our priest likes children.

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Rusti and Kevin "Snuffy" said...

It sure sounds like you guys have been busy this summer-And the pictures look great!!! Can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks.