Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ethan's birthday!

Ethan turned 6 May 14th, and we had his birthday at Entertrainment Junction. He had neighbor's, friends, and family at his party. Ethan had a great day.

I have to say I cannot believe my little boy is 6. He has grown into such a sweet little boy. He could not be a better big brother, and is the most Christian child I know. We love watching him grow up. His favorite foods are hot dogs and Chinese chicken with red sauce. He also loves cake and ice cream. He loves to fish, bowl, and play on the computer. He's really into Transformers and Power Rangers. We love watching Ethan practice his Power Ranger moves :)

At 6 Ethan can now read. It has been fun watching him learn! He is amazing at math and loved Kindergarten. He is very close to swimming. He can cast a fishing line and bowls pretty well too. He had a great time running track and he played T-ball. It's been a good year for Ethan.

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