Thursday, January 29, 2009

Umm, where's the LOA?

So, we were supposed to get said LOA from said Fed Ex yesterday, which then became today. However, when it didn't show by 5:00 we called. They said it would be here by 7:00 to which we said, what should we do when it's not?" To which they responded, "Call back". So at 7:00 we called back, and they said it was headed back to the sorting room (for the third time) and would go out tomorrow. To which we said, "we'll pick it up tonight...thank you". They tried to convince us to get it in the morning. Anyway, Eric is at our local Fed Ex office hopefully retrieving our LOA. Sigh, I knew it was going to smoothly. It just better be there or they will have to deal with me and it won't be pretty. Talk about going postal!

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