Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Under Construction

So we're working hard to finish a bunch of projects before Jack comes home. Talk about a kick in the pants. Our house looks like a tornado went through it. We are currently moving our office to the garage. Jack's room will be our where our office currently resides, and the other part of the garage is going to be a play room. In order to get this complete we figure we have to work about around the clock for the next two months!!! Like there's nothing else to do. The good thing about all this snow is that we worked a lot the last two days! Yesterday Eric hung some drywall and worked a bit with my dad's help on the electric downstairs. Thanks dad! Then Jim (our wonderful neighbor) helped Eric move some furniture and drywall. Today, Eric got some more drywall hung, and I moved some more of the office to the basement. We also got the floorboards for Jack's room painted, and have started a large Goodwill pile. We basically have piles of **** everywhere, but at least they're organized piles now. We have posted three pictures: one of the new office, one of the soon to be playroom with the painted floor boards for Jack's room, and one of Jack's soon to be room. Notice the cool maroon wardrobes I scored on Craig's list! We are hoping to have our pizza and paint party with our neighbor's soon! Anyone else is welcome to join the fun. Once the drywall in the playroom is complete we are going to prime it and invite all the kids over to paint it however they want. It should be a good time! Wish us luck! We'll try to update on our progress frequently. It should make you feel good about the state of your house!

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