Friday, February 6, 2009


Did you ever feel like your just in constant wait mode. We just keep getting to the next step...then wait. Then a new excitement and a new step and wait. It hasn't been bad because at least after almost two years of paperchasing, money spending, wall hitting, country switching, I finally feel like we're getting there. However, as the wait goes on the stress goes up a bit. It's like OMG we're almost to the finish line. Now what? We are finally going to meet this child. Now what? Then there's all the what ifs? Like we said we've never had a question about Jack we know he's supposed to be ours, but it's still a little freaky. Soon we'll be traveling across the world to meet a little boy who has no idea who we are. Then we'll travel back home on a very long flight with a little boy who doesn't know us. Then we'll deal with his medical issues. Exciting, meant to be, wonderful, and FREAKY.

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Heather said...

Don't forget surreal! And guess what....almost two months later, it still is surreal! Awesome, but surreal. We can't wait to meet him.