Saturday, October 2, 2010

One Day

So that's where we are, one day before my C-section, just about 32 hours left. I really cannot believe it's almost here. So excited, and nervous. Just want to see this baby and know everything is okay. We've made it to the end and well here we are. I feel like this has been the longest pregnancy ever. Just kept wondering if we would get here and now we are here, but the end is the scary part. Many people have reassured me about the C-section, but to tell you the truth I could care less about that. I know I will be fine and I will heal. All I want to see is a healthy little Reagan. The rest will mean very little to me. We have planned and are ready if she has low platelets, if we can get her out unharmed we are good to go. I believe that by 7:45 Monday morning it will all be over and I hope to see this beautiful baby girl. Please keep her in your prayers.

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