Sunday, December 7, 2008

Finally we know where we're going!

So we switched to the special needs program. We submitted our paperwork along with the list of what type of child we would accept. We stated a variety of needs including ASD, VSD, clubbed foot, birthmarks, anal atresia, cleft lip/palate ect. We stated we would accept either gender up to 20 months old. This was submitted Nov 19th. We were excited and expecting a referral in 2-3 months!!!

Okay...or two to three days!!!! We got the call on November 21st that there was a child locked in for us. We couldn't believe it!! A little boy named Min Zhen U. He had a cleft lip and palate and was 17 months old. At first I thought, "hum it's a little on the older end", but as soon as I saw him I knew he was meant to be ours. There were no questions no thoughts of what if. He was meant for us and I knew it. In my eyes he is absolutely perfect and beautiful. We suddenly went into crazy mode we had about 4 hours to contact the IA doctor and complete paperwork. We anxiously awaited our phone call from Dr. Staat. Even though we both already knew our answer was yes. Luckily all looked well (except the cleft). We couldn't believe it we actually were matched with our son! Oh my God we're going to be parents again in a few months. We were expecting a little longer wait. I guess we better get this kid's room finished.
We have decided to name our little man Jackzhen Byron Caton. We are patiently waiting for our pre-approval so that we can send him some things in his orphanage. Perhaps some blue clothes...Even though he looks cute in pink! We are hoping to be able to go get him somewhere between April and June! Goodluck to us!


maxman01 said...

Hey guys, congratulations on your newest family member he is beautiful!!! Please let me know if there anything i can do to help.

love jess

The Mom said...

LOVE the blog name! Can't wait to meet him. He is so cute!

the mom's mom said...

Growing Family
this is fantastic news!

the Mom's Mom

Dad's Mom said...

Jackzhen is incredibly cute. Can't wait to hold him