Sunday, December 14, 2008

Funny/heart warming stories

These are probably out of order, but just some things Ethan and Cam have said or done concerning the adoption.

The first night we got the referral we showed Ethan the picture of Jack and told him about the boo boo on his mouth. He promptly replied I want to go to China with mom and dad. I was thinking oh no how am I going to break it to him that he won't be traveling. He then finished his sentence with and go get chicken. Anyone else would have been confused with this, but Eric and I quickly realized that he meant he wanted to go to the Chinese resteraunt and get sweet and sour chicken! I'm not sure if he thought Jack was at the Chinese resteraunt or if he was just hungry! At any rate if he does think Jack is there he's probably wondering what's taking us so long to go get him! LOL

When we showed Cam the picture he said baby. We explained that this was Jack. He said "yak". Then he pointed to his mouth and said, "boo boo".

Another time I was showing him a picture and I said this will be your brother he responded with a resounding "nope". I'm not sure he's ready to share the lime light. He'll come around...right?

Each night daddy and Ethan pray together. Ethan never forgets to pray for Jack. One night daddy and Ethan were praying for Jack and daddy was explaining the hole in the roof of his mouth. Ethan had lots of questions and wondered why God put a hole there. It's a good question really.

Ethan can't wait to be a big, big brother

Cam is wondering if it's really necessary for him to give up his baby status!

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