Sunday, May 10, 2009

Doctor's appointments, haircuts, and more

Ethan at his first field trip to Parky's farm.
Ethan and Cam totally engrossed in Scooby Doo (oh the classics). Jack doesn't know what he's missing.

This is Eric's mom's house. Notice the huge tree. This was an Arbor Day twig that Eric planted as a child. Mental note..don not plant trees next to the house. No matter how small they seem.

Have you ever tried to get three little boys in one picture?..don't. I have about 12 more shots just like these. Oh well, we tried.

Jack is an official U.S. Citizen!

This week was crazy. I went back to my normal work schedule, we had two doctor's appointments, a field trip, haircuts, tumbling, and lord knows what else!
Jack went to his IA checkup. He has gained almost two pounds, about an inch, and his head has grown. All his blood tests came back normal. He does need a few vaccine boosters. Everyone was pleased. We also met with the surgical team. We have decided that Jack will have his surgery on July 30th. He will have his palate closed, a lip touch up, and ear tubes put in. It's a lot at once, but we figured we minds well get it done in one shot. He shouldn't need any other surgeries until a bit later.
Jack also got his first haircut. We took all 3 boys, with the help of grandma to get their hair clipped! Let me tell you we won't be doing that without 3 adults anytime soon! We had them keep Jack's a bit longer because of his lumpy, bumpy head. Let's just say there are no crew cuts in our near future. All the boys look adorable (not that I'm partial).
Jack is an official US Citizen. We applied in O' hara airport and we just got his certificate.
Today, Mother's Day my hausband (the saint) took the 3 boys to visit nonna. So I could relax. However, I'm not good at that so I cleaned the house, mowed the grass, sorted clothes, grocery shopped, and baked cupcakes. However, it was oh so peaceful.
Happy Mother's Day!

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Rusti and Kevin "Snuffy" said...

I look forward to your Sunday updates. Keep them coming. The boys look so happy.......and full of energy. Relax....HA!!! Happy Mothers Day

Snuffy and Rusti