Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Ethan

Cam: scared to death of the inflatables at Ethan's party

Jack, not scared at all!

Ethan...loving it!

Ethan's Special Day at School
This week, my little Ethan turned 4! I don't believe it. He's growing up so fast. Since it was his birthday week he had a special day at school. He got a crown, which he wore for 13 seconds, but I did get a picture. He also got to be the line leader. We brought in cupcakes for a treat. It was fish day, so I thought we'd do blue icing with sweedish fish. He explained that the icing should be brown because the water in the river (Ohio) is muddy. We compromised and made both. On Thursday (his actual birthday) we went to Chuckie Cheese (compliments of a nice gift card given to us) for the first time. Ethan loved it. He absolutely loved getting tickets that he could exchange for prizes. Cam loved throwing the balls for skeet ball. The problem was getting him not to wing it over hand! Jack jsut kind of roamed around, but he did really like the fruit punch! On Friday, we had a small birthday party for Ethan at Bananas, which is one of those places with all the inflatables. We only invited family and our neighbors, but we all had a ball. Well, except Cam who was scared to death of all of it. He just clung to grandma and mommy the whole time. He sure perked up for cake though!
I just wanted to take a few lines just to explain what a great kid Ethan is. He can be very quiet and reserved, but he has such a wonderful heart. When we brought Jack home many people felt that Ethan would be jealous or upset. He was soooo excited, and still is. He is the best big brother. He loves Cam and Jack more than anything. He goes around announcing these are my brothers. He is so proud of them. The other day all three of the boys were bouncing in the crib and my mom saw Cam pull down a little decoration and it broke. When my mom asked who did it Ethan said, "I did. I'm sorry grandma". What 4 year old does that? I know it's a mom brag, but he deserves it. He also picks up even when Cam and Jack won't. He tells me if Jack is standing on a chair, so that he won't get hurt. He is a really great kid.


Jon and Debbie said...

That makes me tear up!
Happy b-day, Ethan!

Rusti and Kevin "Snuffy" said...

Ethan sounds like a really wonderful little boy---oops, BIG BOY!!! Happy Birthday, Ethan

Snuffy and Rusti

Heather said...

We are so glad to have Ethan as our future son-in-law someday. Just let me know when you want me to inform Caroline that she has an arranged marriage. ;)

What a cute prince he makes with the crown.