Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Updates

Yes, this is Jack in our kitchen drawer, that he emptied. I was wondering why he got so quiet.

Cam eating his pink ice cream!

This is Ethan's self selected outfit. dress shirt, sweat shorts, dress socks and crocs. What a fashion statement!

This is Ethan, so excited because he dressed himself...His first attempt he had everything backwards. Underwear, pants and top. I think he looked st the tags to put them on...not sure!

This weeks excitement:

It was pretty quiet on the home front. It was a very rainy week and I think we were all getting cabin feaver. Toys and kitchen utensils were used in various ways. We also continued with experimental toilet play (thanks to Jack). I'm not sure if he's doing sink float experiments, or just finding out how many things he can make mommy fish out of the toilet. Jack spent his first half day in daycare and did great. When I left Cam was the one crying...go figure. Jack learned the word nana ( for banana) and Nonna. I guess it helps that they sound alike. Jack had to visit the doctor for yet another ear infection, proof that he is indeed a Caton. We did find out that he has gained over a pound (yay!)

This weekend Eric had the boys a lot because I was helping out with UC cheer tryouts. When I got home from a completely child free day they were all still alive. Eric wasn't too frazzled, so that was good. We call these daddy days, or mommy appreciation days. This is were the daddy validates all the challenging parts of the day. It's always so nice to know that your not the only one that can't get anything done. I highly reccomend mommy appreciation days they're good for all involved...especially the mommy!

Favorite Quotes:

I asked the kids what kind of ice cream they wanted:

Ethan said, "baniella" (I guess we need to work on the V sound)

Cam said, "pink" (hmmm? what flavor is that?)

While in the car with the Ice Cream Cam said "It's dripping down my back" (hmm, How does that happen?) I guess I'll be cleaning the car seats.


Rusti and Kevin "Snuffy" said...

We totally understand the toilet floating experiments. Emily is enjoying outting her shoes in the toilet!!! The boys look great. I am going to have to try one of those mommy appreciation days soon.

Rusti and Snuffy

Jon and Debbie said...

Hilarious! I am glad that we are not the only ones who have all these experiences.

Deb and Jon