Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Updates

Oh, no my pants fell of again. Notice Cam in the background with Ethan's shoes on the wrong feet trying to go outside in his pj's! Ah life at our house!
The very rare all three boys in a shot together, and wearing matching jamies. They look like they are doing water painting, but really they are conspiring on how to spill the hundreth cup of water. Jack and Cam are head butting, a sign of affection?...or Cam wanting to knock Jack out hum?

Jack drinking out of a shot glass..don't worry it's just water!

At the UC game...tongue out as usual

Jack just being Jack..saying ah after drinking.

So I've decided to force myself to keep up with the blog by doing Sunday updates. I might update more, but I will at least add something every Sunday. What can I say I'm a schedule person!

This was a great weekend. The weather could not have been better! We had the very rare warm with no humidity. That never happens here. We spent Friday night outside with some close friends. The kids played, fought, tried to kill themselves. Meanwhile we had lasagna and drinks. Saturday was another outside day. Then in the evening we went to the Bearcat's Spring football game. It was a lot of fun, but I really didn't watch any of the game. Eric said they looked pretty good. I never could get into the game where the team is playing themselves. Well, at least I know the Bearcats won! For those of you that don't know Eric and I met when we cheered at UC in college. Our poor children are forced to be Bearcat fans and to attend lots of UC functions. We thought perhaps Jack would like the Bearcat since it resides in Southeast Asia. However, we were wrong, he was well petrified of it! He was also scared of the announcers and all the loud sounds. All three boys loved watching the cheerleaders and the band. On Sunday my wonderful husband took all three boys to the park for 2 totally blissful hours. It was so nice to be able to get the house cleaned without three little helpers! That's the break down of the weekend!

Questions of the week:

1. What do you wash lime green clothes with? Lights? Darks? Reds? There's only two I'd rather not do them seperate.

2. Why do children always poop right after you change them?

3. Where do missing toys go? Our house is not that big and there's not much furniture.

4. Why do I always forget at least two items at the grocery store?

Top 10 favorite parts of the weekend:

1. The beautiful

2. Spending time with neighbors

3. Getting our shed cleaned out

4. Jack giving papa a cute

5. Jack bending his knees while walking...we have progressed from Frankenstien to drunkin sailor!

6. Cam saying I love you.

7. Ethan yelling those are my brothers.

8. All 3 children sleeping past 8:00 on Sunday

9. Pizza dinner Sunday

10. My husband taking all three kids for two hours (oh so nice!)


Rusti and Kevin "Snuffy" said...

Lime green, huh? I would go with lights/brights but do it when you can change the wet clothes to dryer after wash and do not let them set for hours (like I do) and let them "bleed on others. Jack looks amazing!!!

Snuffy and Rusti

Heather said...

What?!? All three kids slept until 8 am on Sunday?? Can they talk to mine?

The Mom said...

Seriously! I've love some sleeping until 8! Or how about 7:30? 7??? Please!

P.S the word verification that I have to type is is pr0zak. what do you think that means? 8 )

LowerTeakwood said...

That means we all need some, but can't have it or you won't be able to adopt!