Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Doctor's Visit and the poop experiment

Today we visited Cincinnati Children's IA team for a post adoption check. We met with a nurse, OT, Dr. Stat, ect. Basically everything was as we expected. He's way under weight, very small, and a little behind. As we knew this was all expected. He did have an ear infection so we will start some antiobiotics for that. I do believe he stole everyone's hearts. He is such a charmer.

While at the appointment we did get to see Debbie and John and Julianne, whom we traveled with. It was great seeing you all. I hope your appointment went well.

After the appointment we had to get a stool sample from Jack. The boys thought this was all too interesting! Cam and Ethan totally watched the whole thing. It was like we were doing some sort of great science experiment. Cam wanted to know if we could sample his poop too. I told him one poop sample would be plenty for mommy and daddy. Ahh, life with three boys.

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Rusti and Kevin "Snuffy" said...

Your boys sound sooooo funny!!! The thingis, we can totally hear our Hannah saying the exact same thing. Good luck with that sample

Snuffy and Rusti