Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter, updates, and more

So if you haven't been able to tell by our lack of posts things have been a little crazy around here. I just can't seem to understannd how one (very little) being can double laundry, diaper changing, and trash. All the while reducing seep by at least half. It's really quite amazing! So I'm going to do all our updates in one blog! Here it goes:

1. Easter: Easter went pretty well. The bunny came. The kids ate too much chocolate. By the way Jack loves chocolate! We went to church. It was a minor disaster in which two of my three children spent some time in the back of the church. I think we were at least entertainment for those seated around us. Um, I think I'll skip the next 90 minute mass, however! Nona and Aunt Karen, Uncle Ian, and cousin Rob came to visit. Jack really loved Rob! The kids had a good time. We were worn out!

2. Jack's progress: Good

Okay just kidding, I'll add to that. He really is doing so much better. He's still tiny. We're hoping that will change. However, he's eating great, sleeping okay, pooping normal, and picking with his brothers. His eating continues to amaze me! He can eat anything. He even ate corn on the cob. Really, I couldn't believe it. He picked it up and started munching away like it was nothing!

He has learned to say mama, up, uh oh, bye, and yah. He is signing more, all done, hungry, milk, and a few others. He waves and blows kisses. He really is a joy.

Today he really loved outside for the first time. He actually left my arms and played! I was so excited. He even played with our neighbor's little girl. It was really cute. He's also a complete wild man. He loves to hop on the little riding car and fly down the hill. He also loves to be on the swing and go as high as possible. He giggles loudly with each swing. He also learned how to blow bubbles. My other two children are terrible at that, but Jack is really good at it. I mean our cleft kid can totally blow bubbles better than his older brothers. It's a little emberassing really!

3. Milestones:

  • We went to church as a family. Not all that successful, but it should get better...right?

  • We went to dinner as a family of five. That actually did go well. We didn't chase anyone away or anything.

  • I took all three boys grocery shopping with just me. That actually was a big hit. We got one of those carts where all three children fit and they could face each other. They thought that was way cool. I felt like I should get an award for getting through the store with no issues and three children under 4. As usual nobody got me a trophy!

  • Cam will now admit that Jack is his brother. Sometimes he'll even willingly kiss him.

  • Jack loves the car seat.

I think that is all for now! Enjoy the pictures!

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Rusti and Kevin "Snuffy" said...

It really is amazing that these little ones can cause so much more laundry and grocery shopping!!! And the diapers......ugh!!! But I know you are likeme and would not change ANY of it. Jack looks great and it sounds like he is fitting int he family just right too.

Snuffy and Rusti