Monday, April 6, 2009

Tired in Cincinnati

After over 30 hours of traveling with an infant I can safely say I won't be taking any long trips soon. We are so happy to be home where there is safe running water, a full kitchen, and soft beds. Unfortunately we haven't got much chance to use the bed. Jack is still on China time. He's getting better. The first night he slept about 5 hours, the second we got 6, and last night he slept over 7. Maybe tonight we can make it to 6:00 am. Who ever thought that would be a goal! Over all things are going well. Ethan and Cam are doing well in their big brother roles. Ethan is so excited we have to remind him not to get to crazy around Jack. Cam is still adjusting, but doing much better than I thought. He hasn't tried to sit on, squish, push, or drown Jack. I think that's pretty good. Jack has been like a baby cling on. I'm glad that Cam trained me well in doing everything with one hand. I'm hoping Jack will branch out soon, and begin to play a bit, so I can have a little break. He's a cute hip ornament, but it would be nice if I could take it off every once in a while. Today was my first day with all three boys by myself. It wasn't too bad. The morning was a bit rough with all three boys "needing mommy", but I think they quickly figured out that mommy was not an octopus. All three boys napped at the same time (alleluia!) Then the evening went pretty well. We even managed to get Ethan to church school. Whoever invented all the car seat laws obviously has never had to strap three children into the 5 point harness. That's 15 points you know!

I actually feel like adjusting from 1 to 2 children was harder. Maybe because one was a new born and the other 18 months old. At least this time I'm only worried about Jack on the steps!

For all those wondering Jack is still intaking an unreal amount of food. For lunch today he had a single serving of Mac-n-cheese, 3 pieces of hot dog, a bowl of bananas with rice cereal, and three cookies! He's a cutey. We can't wait for him to be on USA time! I will post some pictures later. Somehow I can't figure out where I put my camera. It's probably lost in a pile of laundry!


Rusti and Kevin "Snuffy" said...

Glad to hear Jack is doing so well. Hope the doctor appointment is good also. It was really nice traveling with you. Hope we can get to gether in the future.

Rusti and Kevin

Heather said...

You survived your first day - hooray!!!