Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wrapping Up

Well, we only have one more day before we leave. I have to say I have very mixed emotions. I'm so ready to be home, and I miss everyone so much. At the same time I'm a little sad to take Jack away from everything he has known. I know he will be better off with us. He has already made so much progress. We think he has gained at least 2 pounds and his energy level is great. We cannot wait for everyone to meet him. He is indeed our son, the one God planned for us to have.

Many people from our group leave tomorrow. It was a very emotional evening as we said goodbye. It was amazing to share this experience with so many amazing people. Each one of us had our story of what brought us to adopt. It has been a journey full of ups and downs for all. I think we all believe that God has brought us here, and it was a calling we were to answer. I feel so blessed to have so many people here that just get it. This has been a truly unbelievable experience. I'm so grateful that we've been able to have this experience. We hope all will go well at home and we will be able to do this again. Who knows maybe next time it will be a girl...or maybe not. Only God knows. If nothing else through this experience I've learned to trust God's path for us.

Thanks you to everyone who has been so supportive on this endeavor. Thank you mom and dad and Rita for watching our boys. Thanks to all friends and family who have helped out in so many ways. We really can't wait to see everyone. We're coming home soon!


Heather said...

We can't wait to see you.

I felt the exact same way as your post so clearly puts it here. Many of our group, including Jim, were just ready to get the heck home and out of VN. I felt very mixed and actually cried as we drove the airport. Of course I missed my children at home, but I knew we were leaving everything N knew, with the possibility of never seeing it again.

Have a good trip home. We'll see you when you get here.

LowerTeakwood said...

Thank you Shannon and Eric for trusting your boys to us. We love them and without hesitation have room for jack and whomever else in our hearts.Hurry home to us and keep the memories of China to relate to Jack as he grows.He's lucky to have a mom,dad and brothers who are so wonderful.He also is moving to a wonderful country and neighborhood.May God keep all of you in the palm of his hand. Love, mom and dad

516 said...

He is beautiful...And it sounds as if you've had a great experience. I know he'll be a wonderful addition to your family. J has enjoyed looking at the blog with me.
Have a great trip home...the kids can't wait to have you back after Spring Break!
-Kerry K

LowerTeakwood said...

Forgot to tell you guys Emma has really missed you.She went on a food strike for about 10 days.She just came out of hiding yesterday and allowed Dad to pet her.She is a bit thinner.Zen couldn"t see the difference and Zeke have food I love you. See you SOON !

LowerTeakwood said...

You have 15abc on the Cincy flight,on the Bejing flt. Jack is now assigned 42g. They release family seats only at the airport 8 hours before the flight. Also if you can get seats in economy plus go ahead and upgade, I will pay. Barry