Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fed Ex Issues...Again

Our inside China travel information and bill are supposed to come via Fed Ex tomorrow. However, as I looked at the tracking, I realized that it's taking a very interesting, but not that direct of a route. Any ideas why it would go from Evansville, Indiana, to Louisville Kentucky, to Indianapolis, Indiana, to Memphis, Tennessee? Humm, seems wrong to me, or I really can't read a map. Could be either. I did have crappy social studies teachers. Looks like we'll be calling Fed Ex tomorrow. I used to love Fed Ex. After these experiences I'm not to sure. It would be nice to know how and when we're going places, but whatever. Go with the flow...right?


Heather said...

I saw the fed ex truck outside your door today! Hoping it was what you needed!!

LowerTeakwood said...

It made it somehow or other!!!