Friday, March 6, 2009

China Itinerary

Here is our schedule for our China trip:
  • March 18th : Leave from Cincy Airport (9:25)
  • Arrive in Chicago with a few hour lay over
  • Onto Beijing
  • March 19th: Arrive in Beijing 3:25 pm(not sure whose time???)
  • March 20th and 21st: Tours of the Great Wall, Summer Palace, and Forbidden City, and see an acrobatic show
  • March 22nd: Travel to Nanning via flight. Staying at the Majestic Hotel
  • March 23rd: Gotcha Day
  • March 24th Complete adoption
  • March 25th and 26th: Tours, go to Nanning Orphanage (Quinzhou Orphanage doesn't allow visits) I'm a little sad we won't get to see Jack's orphanage
  • March 27th: Pick up passport for Jack, fly to Guangzhou (Staying at the White Swan)
  • March 28th : Have Visa's and medical exam done for Jack
  • March 28th-30th : Tours or Free Time
  • March 31st: Visa application goes to US Consulate
  • April 1st: Group Oath taken, receive Visa
  • April 2nd Fly out from Guangzhou to Beijing 9:25-12:25am, Beijing to Chicago, then Chicago to Cincy

I may have to update times because our flights keep changing. I also have no idea whether the times our listed in our times or theirs. I'm so confused!

We are traveling to Beijing with 13 families. 4 are nsn children, the other 9 are sn. We will be traveling with two other families to Nanning. One of them is from Lebenon Ohio, which is about 20 minutes away from us! We will meet back up with everyone in Guangzhou. It looks like an amazing trip!

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