Thursday, March 26, 2009

Great American Worm Hunt & Dinner at Bacall's

Hello to Shannon, Eric & Jack from North America! We await your return, in the meantime you should know you missed a big dating event, Ethan, Caroline, and Cameron dined on local cusine:

Tonight Ethan & Cameron captured never before seen species of earth worms, crickets and slugs during an exclusive back yard "dig". No endangered species were intentionally harmed during this production. Unintentionally, "not so sure".

Photos at 11:00, somewhere in the world:
Nancy, Barry, Ethan & Cameron


LowerTeakwood said...

Ahh, we sure miss our bubs! We cannot wait to see them. Jack is doing great. He loves other kids. We have made it to Guangzhou. There is much more to do here. We were very excited to see a Subway sandwich place and some good places to eat. We have been living on peanut butter crackers in Nanning! BaCall's sure sounds good! Love ya. Squeeze those boys for us!

Heather said...

Good thing he likes many are there around here now???

This summer is going to be so much fun!

LowerTeakwood said...

HI Eric, Can I log on from Dayton to leave comments? Mom If so tell me how.

LowerTeakwood said...

Shan and Eric,we took the boys to the zoo today.They had a ball. We're all exhausted!Can you guys let us know what food you would like us to pick up for Jack before you get home? Jim and Heather are giving us a grandparent's night out for Sunday. They are so nice and we really appreciate it.We can't wait to see Jack. Love,Nona,grandma and Papa.

LowerTeakwood said...

Nona,: From your computer at home, when you click to leave a comment, it will ask you to log in. If you do not have your own google account, you can just register at that point. Just be sure to remember whatever "user name" and "password" you choose, because you will need it every time.

Food for Jack: A lot of it! He eats about anything. Cereal bars (nutri grain or gerber), bananas, canned peaches or pears, animal cookies, gold fish crackers, eggs, muffins, oatmeal squares, sippable yogurt, juice or milk boxes (we can squeeze into mouth). He's not picky!! Drinks are a little more challenging, but the juice boxes work well. We will need a baby tub, you could ask neighbors if anyone has one. We're pretty sure he has some stomach things going on, and don't want to bath him in the tub yet!

Heather said...

We got rid of our bathtub, but I bet the Resident and his Wife have one. ;)

Is there room in your freezer at home? Anyone? Anyone? :)

The Mom said...

We've got the tub covered. And a meal or two when you get home - any special requests?

Safe travels,

LowerTeakwood said...

Thanks a ton! No special requests, anything that is not Chinese food sounds about wonderful right now!

Heather and Kate,
Thanks so much for helping out at home my mom has told me you guys have been wonderful! We appreciate it so much.