Sunday, March 15, 2009

Final Days

So we are down to the last two days before we leave for China. We are packed and ready. We even managed to finish the playroom. I cannot believe that in a couple days we will fly half way around the world (literally) to meet our long awaited son. What a strange, wonderful ride this has been. We cannot wait to have this little guy in our arms. Everyone keeps asking if I'm nervous, but I'm not. I don't think this road will be an easy one, but somehow I've always known it was the one I was to take. I believe that with the struglles that we will endure we will endure an equal amount of joy. We will also learn and grow from the experiences. I really am not feeling any fear just excitement for the future.

I will miss Ethan and Cam so much. I don't think we've ever been gone for more than a couple days. I will miss snuggling with Cam each morning and reading with Ethan each night. That will be my biggest struggle during this trip. I can't wait to have all three of my boys together!

Hopefully by March 23rd I will be posting updated pictures of Jack. This will be his Gotcha Day!

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LowerTeakwood said...

We are leaving tomorrow!!!!