Thursday, March 26, 2009

A better day

Today was a lot better. Jack slept all night and woke up a bit better. No more fever and he had his appetite back. He ate three bowls of rice and bananas. Then he had 3 rice/wheat squares. We took a walk down the street, but it was rainy and Jack did not like that. We stopped at a bakery and the food was great. Then we spent more time in the hotel. I'm so sick of the hotel right now!! Jack fell asleep around 12:00 and slept until 1:15. He then at two cereal bars and seven small cookies, oh and a bag of baked Cheetos. He LOVED the Cheetos, poor daddy lost his snack!!! Then Jack actually got up and played. He walked and picked things up, and actually had some fun! We had a great time with him. He's giving us kisses and head butts (a sign of affection). He also responds with a smile and a hug when we say wha ay nee (I love you). His receptive language is good. He is also saying "ma ma", "no" (he is almost 2), "up", and "more". We found out he loves being with other kids, and shows interest in playing with them. He loves slides and little rocking toys. He's a bit of a dare devil. It was really great to see some of his personality today!

After playing we went to dinner. Jack had a bowl of rice soup and a few noodles, and a yogurt type drink. He certainly seems to be enjoying eating! We are glad because he really needs it.

We have been able to get some past info on Jack. The orphanage directer gave us some pictures of him. In one he still has the umbilical cord attached. His birth date should be pretty accurate. Through a group called Hope and Grace we also got a DVD with info about Jack. We even got a report from the foster mom. Lastly we had sent a care package for Jack and in it were two cameras. We got those back and were able to develop the pictures. It's really nice that we'll be able to share all this with Jack when he is older.

Thanks to all of you that have been praying for us. We really can't wait to be home. We're enjoying our time here, but we miss home and our little boys!


kays said...

Sounds like Jack is doing great! Giving hugs and I didn't know head butts were a sign of affection-boy must love me!! I had many bruises to show it.
Is the sun out at all? Or still so gray from the lovely pollution that is looks like cinti everyday?
Glad Cam and Ethan are hanging in there. That is the hardest part for sure! Make sure you check out the authentic chinese market across the river...VERY interesting.

kays said...

oops....forgot to put Allysons name in my sentence refering to her headbutting me a lot.

LowerTeakwood said...

Shan and Eric,we are so glad Jack is on his way to recovery.We took the boys and Caroline to Bacal's last night.Ethan was so excited to have Caroline with us.They all colored the placemats and were good. Ethan and Cam had chicken fingers and mac and cheese.They all shared carrot cake for dessert.Ethan has been eating and sleeping a lot,he must be having a growth spurt.If you guys don't get home soon,he is going to burst.He can't wait for Jack.Cam and Ethan thought the picture of Daddy and Jack in the mirror was pretty funny.Headbutting a sign of affection,don't tell Cam.Love to all.

Heather said...

Sounds like things are going well. Head butting...the kids in VN did that too. What's up with that? Kinda funny...can hurt too! N's clocked me a good one a few times. LOL

Caroline loved going to dinner with your parents last night. Can't wait to see you guys!!