Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Plugging along

We have had our hands a little full this past day and a half. After our incredible first day with Jack our second started out great. He had slept completely through the night, and seemed ready for breakfast. He ate a little less, and started to become more fussy. We were really busy, however, because day 2 was when we went through all our paperwork, interviews, giving/receiving ceremony, and made our orphanage donation. I thought it was a lot of money in dollars - in Yuan we didn't have an envelope big enough to hold it all! After that we went to Wal-Mart and picked up some odds and ends. By the end of the day jack was boiling, and cranky, and pulling on his ears - we've seen enough to know what this is. Throw in some teething and gas and we have had a little emotional rollercoaster stuck to mommy's hip. Fortunately we have some antibiotics and Motrin that we started today (day 3). It's helping, and you can see that he really wants to be happy, but its hard. Our guide arranged for a doctor to come see him (we chose not to go to a "hospital") who promptly told us he had wax (poo-poos) in his ear. Gee Thanks! The conspiracy theorist in us thinks they gave all the kids something to get them through the first day, because it seems a lot of children in our hotel have all come up with fevers etc. that weren't there on gotcha day. hmmmm....
Anyway, his sleep is at least OK, and he still eats, so we'll be fine. We have gotten to see a lot of parks, Buddhist temple etc. and Nanning is very beautiful with wonderful citizens. However, we've been praying - and ask anyone else to as well - for Chris and Kelly in our group. Their beautiful girl is mourning the loss of her foster parents, who obviously loved her very much, so she is slow to attach to them. We've all been taught that it is a very good thing as it relates to future attachment issues, but it is just brutal on them in the here and now.
...gotta go diarrhea just hit!


LowerTeakwood said...

Hi guys,sorry we missed your phone call. We never heard the phone ring.Sorry Jack is not feeling so well,but we're sure he will get better. We will pray for the couple whose child is slow to attaching we know it will be fine. The boys went to gymnastics and did well.Cam is asking for mommy more these days but still is pleasant. Ethan told me I drive faster than mommy and to be sure I put on the left turn signal when I need to turn left and of course don't forget about the right turn signal. Great just what I need a 3year old backseat driver! Papa is a big help and I'm really glad he"s here. Jack's door is done. All our love to everyone and kisses and hugs. P.S. Ethan loved the pictures of Jack and Cam looked at them and said Jack!

Heather said...

Yikes...thank heavens for the antibiotics they have you bring along!

There was a child who mourned what she lost during our trip as well - more so than the others - and she didn't show her first smile until the last couple of days of the trip. Let them know there are people praying for them and that it should continue to get better slowly. The little girl I told you about has had less issues at home than N has, mainly because I think N mourned more when she got here and felt comfortable with us. Sometimes, it is better for the mourning to happen immediately. Still, we're praying.

I hope Jack feels better very soon and that the other end doesn't take over and cause you more problems in the upcoming days.

kays said...

Mrs. Caton
I love you and miss you. I hope Jack can get better and doesn't get sick again. I hope you have fun over there. I hope come home safe. I am praying for you.

Chris Valier said...

Hey Guys - we are sure thinking about you and Chris and Kelly too. Can't wait to get to Guangzhou and see all of the babies.

Rusti and Kevin "Snuffy" said...

We are hoping Jack has a good nights sleep and we will see you soon. We will be thinking of you and hoping he feels better soon.

Kevin and Rusti