Sunday, March 29, 2009

Progress Continues

Last night we had a major break through with Jack. He took a bath and actually enjoyed it. The first two baths were majorly traumatic. Last night we put him in, and he started to scream, but then he started to splash and play! Yah!!! We have had some better sleep experiences too. The first night that I tried to let him put himself to sleep (I was told he did this), he showed some disturbing behavior. He thrashed and hit himself in the head. I cried watching. I picked him up and walked him asleep. Last night he took me to the door and reached up. He knew I'd walk him to sleep, it was so sweet. Then at nap today I laid him down on the bed and stroked his head and he went to sleep. He now finds the food he wants brings it to us and says "um". We know what that means! He continues to eat well.

Today we went to a Jade market and a pearl factory (isn't that an oyster?). We had a good time at both. The pearl factory was on a seven floor mall, with almost all the floors being jewelry. It was like an enormous Claire's Boutique. Later in the day we went to a German resteraunt. It was actually quite good. It was strange to see German translated into Chinese. Did you know that ice tea is spelled eistee? Sometimes things get a bit lost in translation! We are having a good time, but we can't wait to get home and see everyone. We can't wait to have the boys all together!


Heather said... heart breaks thinking of him thrashing around on the bed.

Norah went through a stage of screaming when we left her bedside for the first couple of weeks home. Terrified type screams. After a month, it calmed down and she went back to sucking her thumb to put herself to sleep, but I always had to remind myself that we had turned her world upside down. You guys are already a step ahead of me in your are doing a great job. He looks very attached and well adjusted to the two of you already.

Glad he likes the bath now...he'll be all ready for the many Fridays we'll be at the pool!!

I can't wait to see him!!!!

LowerTeakwood said...

Just wanted to let you know that Andrea Shrive(Milo's mom) will take Cam from daycare to class and pick him up after class and bring him to you. Cora is in Cam's class, so Cam knows her. Just let daycare know that she will come get him around 9:15! Shan

LowerTeakwood said...

Hi guys Shannon thanks for the update about preschool. We went to a Japanese restaurant last night and the kids went to the Meyers.The kids had a ball and so did we! When we came back Nora came right over and gave me a kiss and hug and sat on my lap.Cam immediately sat on my lap and gave me a kiss and hug (a little jealous?). He left and went back to watching Wall-E.Ethan thought it was funny.Thank you Heather and Jim,what a nice break for Barry and I. Love to all......