Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our pictures...The end of summer:(

My Jack

Uh...what's he hanging from???

Loves Mickey

A rare smiling Ethan photo.

Our family.
Just thought I'd share some of the pictures that we had done. We loved them and had such a hard time choosing which photos to keep! The photographer we had took over 200 shots.
Oh, so sad that I must say good bye to summer. I go back to work this week, and in two weeks the kids start their sports, and in 3 weeks Ethan starts school. I'm always sad to see summer go. I have enjoyed my lazy times with the boys. I think it will be quite an adjustment for all of us. We have to be ready and out the door by 8:15.. Ugh, that should be interesting since Ethan and Jack haven't been getting up before 8:00! Well, will see what happens!


Rusti and Kevin "Snuffy" said...

Good luck with going back to work. It is a heartreaker leaving them behind. I think I cried the first week watching them looka t me as I drove away from them. Emily also loves Mickey!!!

Heather said...

Those are adorable!! Hope your first day back was good.