Sunday, August 9, 2009


Cam in the pink Barbie car to go with his pink princess toothbrush
My 3 boys on quads at the party.

Cam on a pink bike with a pink helmet (sigh). Do you sense a theme. On a brighter note he can actually ride the bike.

I can't say this week was real exciting. It was kind of just a week of recovery. Jack had a rough few days, but got better each and everyday. My mom was a God send helping out with housework and the kids. He's pretty close to normal now except he has the lovely nasal stints still in and we're still on soft foods. I have to say this has not detered his eating one bit. He now has a taste for Alfredo sauce (thanks Heather:). Today he had half a banana, some mushy cereal and milk, mac n cheese, watermelon, cantaloupe, noodles with alfredo sauce, more watermelon, ice cream, and mashed sweet potatoes with lots of butter. I don't know where it all goes! He is pointing to the roof of our mouths, so we think he understands on some level. He also goes around pointing at everyone elses noses. I think he's hoping someone will take out his stints. Sorry 9 more days:( I will be so glad when he's back to normal...and so will he!

This weekend was fairly busy. Friday we went to a book store for some birthday presents and then to McDonalds. The kids had a blast. On Saturday we had a birthday party. It was construction themed with all kinds of real trucks. They also had quads for the kids to drive. Needless to say my kids loved that. Especially since we don't have any motorized vehicles and probably never will! On Sunday I took Cam to church just he and I. He was so good and sweet. Sometimes it's hard to remember how easy it was with one. Of course when we only had one it didn't seem that easy. Then Nonna came to visit and we went to a church picnic at the pool and Ethan actually got in the water!!! Minor miracle! Later we had a small birthday party for Uncle Scotty equipped with ice cream cake. Overall it was a fun weekend, but I sure am tired!

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Heather said...

At least alfredo sauce has lots of calories! LOL

Love the pink. I hope to see Ethan in the pool here soon.