Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rain, rain, rain and more rain!

Well, at least we got to use our boots!
It has seriously rained here since last Saturday. 8 days of rain, rain, and more rain. Please tell me we will see the sun again. Perhaps God has forgotten that he has blessed me with 3 little boys, and that 3 little boys need to go outside before they destroy the house and their mother goes insane!
On a positive note Cam actually used the potty!!! He was running around half naked (as often happens in our house), and all of a sudden he said, "mommy, look what I did". Sure enough he peed in the potty!!!
On a negative note Jack is sick. He has a double ear infection and some form of hand, foot, and mouth disease. He is not a happy camper. I'm hoping it passes quickly!
Here's to a sunnier week!


Jon and Debbie said...

I understand the frustration with rain! We had my entire family's picture taken downtown - 22 of us - on Saturday. Thank God, though, the rain held off during the shoot.

I believe it is supposed to be a good week. Yippee.

Are you going to the Moon Festival this weekend???

Rusti and Kevin "Snuffy" said...

Can you believe we have not had ANY rain??? But it is cold-high in the 60s only today, 50s tomorrow!!!

LowerTeakwood said...

We are going to go I think! It sounds like a good time. Glad you got your picture done inbetween rain drops!