Sunday, September 13, 2009

Catching up

So It's been really pretty busy around here! We have started all of our sports and Ethan starts pre school this week. I decided to keep this short and sweet due to the fact I should be writing lesson plans! Oh well, that might happen early in the morning.

Exciting happenings:
1. Our neighbor's are home from Russia with their new little girl Elena Nicole. We're so excited for them and cannot wait to meet her. (Call us if you need anything!)
2. Jack has gained some wait. His shorts are finally not falling off!
3. Ethan started swimming. He actually got in the water willingly and said he liked it! (yay major success). I do figure you actually have to get in the water to swim!
4. Cam started soccer. It's a little skills class with daddy. He's actually really good. A mom brag I know, but he's really talented! (letters and numbers not so much)
5. Ethan had his first soccer game. It was pretty funny to watch 4-5 year olds play a game.
6. Jack went back to tumbling with his actual age group and did just fine. He's caught up in all areas.
7. I went on a weekend shopping trip with my mom. Totally fun and got all my Christmas shopping about done!

A preview of our Halloween costume. What do you think?? I think it's one cute tiger.

Ethan being Ethan before his soccer game.

Coach dad and mascot in purple to cheer him on!

Cam at his first practice.

Okay, so this picture needs some explanation. Notice the dirt ring on Cam's face? Well, each day I drop 3 clean children off at daycare. When I pick them up 2 are still clean and the 3rd well...


Jon and Debbie said...

Christmas shopping????? What???? You are an inspiration!

Rusti and Kevin "Snuffy" said...

I LOVE the tiger suit!!! I laughed when i saw the dirt ring on his face. Such a boy-I love it!!! Glad to hear Jack is doing so well. Emily is up to 23 pounds-how much is Jack now?

LowerTeakwood said...

We think he is about 22 pounds. We don't have the best scale though!